Frequently Asked Questions

You may find some of the questions that are asked frequently and their answers below. Please feel free to get in touch with us for any question.

To ensure our availability, we recommend booking 8-12 months in advance. However, we still have some dates available on last moment bookings. Please contact us now to check our availability.
Please fill the contact form to be able to check availability. We will reply to you imediately.
We require deposit to secure bookings. The payment can be done thorough our website.
Yes, we would like to meet you before your wedding day. Usually at your accommodation immediately after your arrival. It’s better to know each other before your wedding day and speak the details about our service.
That depends entirely to the package and extra hours you have requested. We have a variety of packages from just a couple of hours to full day package which starts from bridal preparations right up to and including your evening reception, speeches and first dance.
The following Packages are most chosen ones:
Photos on USB Package,
36 Bronze Package,
Half Day Blu-Ray Video,
Photos on USB Package contains all images we shot on the wedding day. Images are High Resolution JPG files to ensure that you can print at any size without compromising the quality. All photos are processed from Digital Negatives(RAW Files) to get best quality images.
We take unlimited photos on your wedding day. The quantity of the photos depends to the packages you get and quatity of your guests.
You do, and so do we. You can print as much as you like to print and share on any social Network, send to your friends, etc… You can use the pictures in any activity that is not commercial.
RAW is actually is Digital Negatives. Files that has image information from camera’s CCD. We are able to get the maximum possible image colour and quality from these files. Every image is individually adjusted using commercial Photo software by professional photo editor. Then, you get the best result on your Album prints, or your High Resolution Disc.
We start working on your pictures immediately after we finish the wedding. Usually we deliver within 3-4 days. 95% of our customers having their Album and Disc before they finish their holidays. No worries if you don’t have time to take your Album, we will ship them via registered post with additional charge.
Every wedding is different. Half Day Video usually its around 35 minutes and Full Day Video around 90 minutes.
Yes. Absolutely. Every wedding Video has edited short Highlights with music.
Absolutely! We supply the Songs Form to you to fill for your wedding Video. And also, you can determine the places of songs to be put on.
Blue-Ray is used for High Definition movies and DVD is used for Standard Definition movies. Blue-Ray Video is the next generation of the DVD Video. It has 4 times larger Video Size and much bigger capacity. Most of the new laptops, desktops, play station supports the Blu-Ray Disc, and Blu-Ray Players are replacing the DVD Players in the market. Your full HD Video will be on Blu-Ray Disc and also we will downscale to the DVD format.
Sure. It’s included in Video package, you get USB flash drive with mp4 video. You can plug & play on new Led Tv’s easily and watch your wedding video.
Yes you get both for the same price plus USB flash drive. The same video in three different medias.